Best Soccer Cleats in 2017

The best soccer cleats in 2017 are made using the latest technologies. Traditional manufacturers try to bring innovation with every new model, but some older designs are still worth the purchase. There are a few elements which might make your purchase easier and they include:

Fit – this should be your main concerns and you should only buy your exact size which makes the shoes comfortable and easy to use while not being too loose

Cleats – the studs come in different shapes and sizes. The round models are best known for mobility, changing of rhythm, dribbling etc. Blade-shaped cleats are best for softer surfaces as they add traction. You might want to consider these types of cleats for added traction but you need to keep in mind they will be not as suited for mobility. Hard surfaces cleats are usually smaller in size as they are not designed to dig into the pitch but rather increase traction.

There are many other variables to be considered with every purchase. But one you decide on the basics you can move on to design, color or range. Here are the best options to choose from this year:

Adidas Ace 17.2

Coming with great feedback from many soccer players, the Adidas Ace 17.2 are some of the most intriguing cleats from the manufacturer. They will work best on firm grounds and on artificial grass. The design is dominated by the PRIMEMESH upper which comes with a sock-like fit for increased ball control.

Many users have wondered if the material would really improve control but even with the ultra-thin film they work great. The film acts to keep water away and will be greatly appreciated with heavy-use and players looking to play in different weather conditions.

Nike Tiempo Legend VI FG

Nike`s Tiempo Legend are now more affordable and still provide a good playing experience. Nike said the boots were so good that even major players such as Gerard Pique endorsed the model. One of the positive aspects of a 6th generation cleats is the tradition they are built on.

There is a certain maturity which comes with this model and it truly is a versatile modern classic. So what can you expect from the cleats? A decent touch and great traction, but only possible if you get the right fit. To achieve this, Nike`s designers used the integrated tongue which works well with the integrated microfiber midfoot cage. The heel are also got some special attention from the designers.

It was made to contour the shape of the heel. The upper was also improved and even if it is made from leather it is treated to work in all conditions, even in high humidity environments. The outsole features the FG cleats configuration, which are rectangular at the heel and conical at the forefoot for increased traction on natural pitches.

Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7

One of the most intriguing soccer cleats available in 2017 are Nike`s Mercurial Superfly V CR7. The cleats come under the CR7 name but it`s not all about branding. The performance of the upper is ensured by the Flyknit design with the grip technology which has been used on wider variety of new models. The softer materials in the upper are flexible and robust enough for a locked fit.
The outsole features a new 3D plate which comes with a natural feel and will be of use to fast and skilled players. The cleats are one of the top options for firm grounds.

Nike Mercurial Vapor XI FG

Nike Mercurial Vapor XI FG are a lightweight option which come with the aggressive Chevron-style cleats. The plate of the cleats is thermoformed which means it is geared towards a natural movement of the foot and provides a good platform for improved traction on firm grounds.

The upper features Nike`s All Conditions Control technology which is completed by the microfiber upper. The upper also comes with the internal cage for increased comfort. The cleats would suit a skilled player.

Adidas Messi 16.1 Firm Ground

Adidas`s Messi 16.1 cleats are becoming increasingly popular. But it`s not all about marketing as the soccer boots perform well, especially with the quality upper. Featuring the Agilityknit technology, the cleats mold to the foot and resist well in time.

This construction allows for the sock-like fit.
The simple futuristic design of the cleats made in cooperation with Lionel Messi will favor highly skilled and fast players. The cleats come with the Messi stud alignment and will work best on firm grounds.

Nike Hypervenom Phelon 3 FG

Nike Hypervenom Phelon 3 are among the top choice for asymmetrical lacing this year. The design makes them easily stand out due to the textured upper which can also benefit the ball touch and control.

The cleats also feature the interesting NikeSkin technology. This allows the protection and improvement in the lockdown of the upper. The cleats also focus on comfort with the perforated sockliner with good cushioning which can reduce some of the pressure coming from the studs. This will also largely depend on the shape of the foot, playing style of ground type.

Nike Magista Obra II FG

Nike Magista Obra II cleats are one of the most up to date high top options. The Dynamic Fit collar has been used by Nike on several newer models. The system provides a good transition from the lower leg to the foot. Some players love it while others hate it. In the end it is a matter of preference and you should determine for yourself if the collar would improve your soccer skills.
The Flyknit upper comes with a futuristic design which doesn`t come with the traditional tongue. This also benefits the rotational forefoot area which will find players quickly and easily changing directions during the game.

Puma EvoPower Vigor 1 FG

Puma has focused on biomechanics with the EvoPower Vigor 1 FG. The manufacturer wanted to create a flexible boot which would mimic the real barefoot motion.

This has been achieved through a combination of materials like the AdapLite upper which is stretchable and follow the contour of the foot. The traditional sock is replaced by the elastane sock which means the boot can work for players with wider feet. Ball control also gets plenty of focus with the GripTex upper.

And finally the traction is aimed to agility with a combination of conical and bladed studs. If you want something even more special, but at an additional cost, you can go for the Giroud version.

Adidas Gloro 16.1 FG Soccer Shoe

With a better price, a solid construction and an inspiring design, the Adidas Gloro 16.1 are one of the best cleats you can buy this year. They use a combination of leather and synthetic materials and a lockdown stitching for an improved fit. The sole is made from rubber and it supports the EVA insole.

This combination works great to support to molded cleats. The ankle area is padded for increased comfort. This classic model is one of the best options as a first pair of boots as it comes with a timeless design and a solid upper which can ensure a great touch from either side.

As the model comes with leather inserts you will want to keep them away from heavy rain as much as possible to maintain the shape and durability of the boot.

Adidas X 15.3

Part of the X 15 Series, the 15.3 Adidas model is a good choice for firm surfaces or on artificial grass. Compared to the other models in the series (15.1, 15.2 and 15.4) the boots are for coming with less flexibility in the upper due to the synthetic materials.

The model is not one of the expensive options on the market but it still feels enough for most players with the reinforced midfoot cage which adds to stability, control and feel.

The cleats feature the unique X-Claw design which adds traction to the forefoot and increases control on sprints. This also allow for a wider toe box, especially compared with previous models.  Some users might feel the textured upper might add to the experience of touch and ball control.

Adidas Ace 16.4 FXG

If you don`t want to spend a small fortune on the Ace 17 series and want light and fast boots, the Ace 16.4 FXG is one of the most affordable options.

The boots will work on firm surfaces like dry grass, but also on artificial grass. The boots will also work on hard ground due to the flexible outsole. Some players argue that the upper construction might feel thin, but then given the price the materials are quite forgiving, as the cleats loosen after a few uses.

The textured design of the upper should also increase touch control. Although they are not designed for wet surfaces they are very easy to clean as mud comes off easily. The main attraction of the boots comes with the color range which will ensure you get plenty of compliments out on the pitch.

Nike Mercurial Victory IV FG

With a synthetic construction the Nike Mercurial Victory IV FG are best for natural firm surfaces. Nike focused heavily on the midsole of the cleats. It comes with a contoured sockliner with a textile top.

This enables the low profile cushioning which adds to the overall agility level. The outsole is not underwhelming either. It comes with thermoplastic polyurethane construction. This means it has an increased durability to elements like abrasion or tear and that`s why it works great on firmer surfaces.

The design mimics the natural shape of the foot and the cleats support the foot in a traditional pattern. The boots are recommended for fast players which like to bring an element of technique into their game.

Adidas Messi 15.3

With an impressive design, the Adidas Messi 15.3 come with an affordable price. Inspired by Lionel Messi`s ability to deliver special moments during a game, the cleats feature the messiGAMBETRAX stud configuration which allows you to get increased traction on the field.

The ousole feature the central cleat design which comes with themessiPRINT technology. The cleats also feature the messiTOUCH X-ray technology. This allows the textured grip of the synthetic upper to offer increased control from any angle.

Many users have started reporting the boots can be small so it is recommended you wear the around the house a few times before taking them out for a training session. People with wider feet might feel the discomfort the most.


Coming with one of the most intriguing new designs, Adidas ACE17+ PURECONTROL will guarantee a strong visual impact. Many users will finds its looks very appealing and the boots may win many design competitions.

But it`s not all about looks with ACE 17+ PURECONTROL. The performance is also worth noting as the redesigned upper molds to contour of the foot. Adidas have done this using the Primeknit technology. The molded technology is then protected with a coating of Control Skin. This not only protects the technology but it also works with Non Stop Grip to enhance gripping regardless of the weather conditions.

The model is recommended for users looking for a laceless experience that feel comfortable and can follow the natural shape of the foot. The natural movement can also be achieved by the special midfoot technologies. They include TPU cage with lateral support and a knitted interior for better fit. Since the model is only making its first impression it comes with a new outsole and cleats design.

The cushioning can be described as soft and it works well with very light sole. The cleats are traditionally conical-shaped which recommends them for form ground and on natural grass.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom FG

Nike Hypervenom comes to replace the popular Nike Total 90 series. The Phantom FG (Firm Ground) is an older model which now comes at a very attractive price.

Although launched back in 2013 with Bareclon`s Neymar, the boots offer a great alternative for people looking for traction at an affordable price. The comfortable feel of the cleats is mainly due to the HyperVenom upper which offers a cozy feel. The 3D texture also helps in touch, especially on firm grounds.

The midfoot of the boot is secured with a support band while the bottom of the foot rest on an anatomic cushioning. The cleats are conically shaped in the forefoot and blade-shaped in the heel and midfoot for quick release which adds to overall reaction and speed time.

Adidas X 16+ Purechaos FG

The Adidas Men’s X 16+ Purechaos FG cleats are one of the fastest options on the market. They were designed from a one-piece compression upper using the TechFIT technology. This was done to follow the natural shape of the foot and enhance ball touch.

The boots are versatile enough for any weather as the upper comes with Nikes Non-Stop-Grip and given the laces are hidden by the Purecut Sock System the touch will feel more natural than ever before.

The cleats design is not new but the main focus of the model lies in the sock-like upper. To get the perfect fit some players have recommended you go up at least half a size with the model.

PUMA Evospeed 4.4 FG

There is something special about lace-up designs which stand the test of time. Puma`s Evospeed 4.4 FG is a good testimony to that. With a leather and synthetic upper it is durable enough for most players.

The TPU outsole comes with injected conical and blade cleats for a right balance between traction and responsiveness on firm natural grounds. Puma used some signature technologies which include the Speetrack spine and the heel counter for extra support.

Under Armour CF Force 3.0 FG

From the same category of classic lace-inspired designs comes the Under Armour CF 3.0 FG. It features the die-cut sockliner cushioning which has been regarded as above average, especially during longer periods of use. The ClutchFIT Force features the UA 4D foam insert which has also been regarded as above average.

The TPU outsole comes with conical cleats which prove great for ground traction but might not be the best in terms of responsiveness. It will be up to you to decide but given the affordable price you will get a pair of lightweight, versatile cleats.

Adidas Copa 17.1

Adidas Copa 17.1 Firm Ground cleats are a modern take on classic boots. Adidas have made an impressive result which features kangaroo leather. Ball touch is worth noting as it is world-class. Just like the classic models, the upper is really what inspires players.

The compression tongue adds to the nice touch and together with the OrthoLite sock-liner it provide a comfortable feel. As many lightweight cleats it might be difficult to find a decent level of stability. But Adidas used geometry under the Sprintframe technology for optimum results. Regarded by many as the best line of cleats in history, Copa is still a solid performance series which is now even better.

The cleats will work great for old-school players which enjoy the playing style of the 90`s and don`t focus on the latest models, but rather on the game itself.

Adidas Performance Goletto VI FG

The traditional designs are still a good option today as Adidas proves with Goletto VI cleats. As any classic design you get a lot of versatility from the laces which are among the strongest in its class. Another feature of these types of cleats is the stitched forefoot.

The toe box is now better fixed with less flexibility but with more power to each touch. The textile interior features the cushioned insole which offers a good level of comfort. The traction is increased on firm ground due to the molded cleats.

ASICS DS Light X-Fly K

With kangaroo leather ASICS DS Light X-Fly K is the flagship of the DS Light Series. The upper is thus one of the best in terms of touch and comfort as it also comes with stitching for increased performance. The low-profile cleat uses the X-Plate technology which allows the boots to have an evenly-distributed weight for optimal performance.

ASICS also used the solyte-polymer which allows the shoes to perform well on soft and firm ground or even turf. The cleats are recommended for soccer players which are after a lightweight boot but with a classic feel.

ASICS DS Light X-Fly 2 K

The second generation of kangaroo lightweight design uppers comes with the ASICS DS Light X-Fly 2 K. With an external heel counter the cleats can be a good option for soccer players looking for increased stability, players looking to gain more speed or players looking for that right tackle.

The soft kangaroo upper comes with a good touch which mimics the natural biomechanics of the foot. The textile insole is removable for easy maintenance. The outsole is made with molded injection and the studs can work on hard and soft surfaces but also on turf.

The cleats would be recommended as an all-round option for players looking to elevate their soccer skills across a wider range of surfaces.

How to choose the best soccer cleats

The best way to approach any cleats purchase is to have something specific in mind.

For example, it would be advisable to focus on your playing style and position. Big manufacturers now offer catered experiences for all types of users, defenders, midfielders or attackers. Unlike regular shoes, cleats will perform best when they fit best.

You should stay away from cleats which are either too tight, too loose or feel uncomfortable. Not only will this not help you in your technique but it may also be the recipe for a quick injury. Professionals also tend to choose their cleats according to their playing position.

Playmakers or players relying on good, accurate, passes will need a larger surface striking area. Attackers might feel more secure with a heavier shoe which would allow them to focus on the strike. Wingers may feel completely comfortable with lighter cleats which allow them to cover larger areas of the pitch with ease.

In the end you need to ensure you find a decent terms and conditions offer which is offered by all the major manufacturers, especially with the more expensive models. This will ensure you will be covered in the event of the cleats falling-off, which has happened even to professionals.

Final tip – if you`re buying cleats for the first time please take time to read a research paper published in 2013 which focuses and explains how the shape and fit of the toe box can affect your foot (toe box research)

For the best women`s soccer cleats make sure to look at our top suggestions.

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