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Diadora Brasil Italy OG – The Real Black Beauty

DIADORA Brasil Italy OG soccer cleats are one the market for over a year now. You had time to see them and enjoy the impressive story behind them.

A few years ago, Top Gear made a special on Alfa Romeo. Paraphrasing their question, in this article we`ll ask:

Can soccer cleats be art?

Handmade in Italy where tradition blends with style and pride, the cleats are definitely among the most attractive for collectors. Although you can choose the white color cleats, the black option seems more like a verse from Pavarotti`s E lucevan le stelle.


The upper is just like an abstract painting, where you can`t decide if it`s genius or plain boring. But there is something special about the handcrafted upper.

You see:

The time for K-leather uppers is dying. It`s like an odyssey which is reaching its final stage. Due to increasing international regulations and pressure, K-leather will become history in the following years. We all know it`s good, really good. It is better than any other type of leather in fact. The stitching is not new to the company, but it does justice to the fantastic material. It creates good padding areas so you don`t feel the full force of the impact, especially in the forefoot area. But the performance is average, at best.


The sole features 12 conical studs. While they are not amazing, they provide a great base for natural or artificial grass, with plenty of traction. Some players have reported a certain stiffness of the plate for the first few games. It seems the problem goes away and the plate lightly contours the shape of the foot.


These types of cleats are known for having an approximate fit. This means you can expect some extra space in the toebox area. If you want that precise fit, you would have to go down half a size, but it`s not the true experience of such a classic design. This recommends them for defenders or defensive midfielders.


From a classic design you can`t really expect the playability of the latest cleats on the market. So back to our initial question:

Can soccer cleats be art?

The response given on the above-mentioned TV show was that for something to be art, it needs not to have any other purpose then itself.

So look at the Diadora Brasil Italy OG:

  • The cleats don`t perform very well.
  • The fit is loose.
  • They are not made for modern attacking players.
  • There`s nothing innovative about them.

They don`t have the best practicality. But as a tool for making you feel like a special player, nothing comes close. Even from the box, you`ll notice there is a “soul” that most modern cleats don`t have. You can have the latest features and technologies, but you can`t manufacture heritage.

Diadora Brasil Italy OG

Diadora Brasil Italy OG


7.0 /10


8.0 /10


8.0 /10


  • K-leather
  • Classic design


  • Not for skilled attackers
  • Fit

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