How to Be a Good Soccer Right Back?

There are some key positions in soccer. The right back plays in one of those key positions and the player knows its importance. Usually, right backs run along the sideline, they can get involved in the game by crossing the ball, creating chances for teammates but, ultimately, they get involved in the defense. So what does a good right back need in terms of physical and mental skills?

Speed is crucial

The best right backs in the world will need above average speed. They often make the transition from the defense to the offense and this is why speed is essential. Speed is among those qualities you are born with, although there are various training routines which can develop the skill. Running with extra weights is one of the exercises used to improve speed. Sprints and intervals can also increase your speed. Long-distance running is also good for stamina, which is essential for a full soccer game.

Tackling and passing

A right back is a team player. A good right back needs good tackling and passing skills which will help the teammates. Passing can also come in the form of crossing. While it may depend on the playing style of the team, crossing may be required in certain situations, especially when the receiving players have the height advantage. Passing and crossing can be improved with hours and hours of hard training. There are different cleats which can also improve the ball touch, speed and accuracy. But generally speaking, you will need to practice passing under pressure from the opposing team as you`ll rarely have enough time to prepare for the right pass before being tackled by the opponent.

Getting to the other half

Many world class right backs can actually run along the sideline towards the opposing half`s box to create more chances and surprise the other team. One of the most famous players mastering the skills is Juventus` Dani Alves. The players is among the best in the world for the position often being involved in the attacking movements. For most right backs, getting close to the box means they`ll need good 1-to1 skills and dribble their opponent. This can be done using their superior speed and technique. Unlike central defenders, rich backs will need to improve their attacking mindset and skills.

Mental skills to master

The right back is not the most glamorous position on the field. But it has its own struggles and it requires players to focus and predict the gameplay. They have to be involved in the defense, coordinate with the central defenders and the goalkeeper but they also need to work closely with the wingers. This means they need superior focus and determination.

Should a right back hit the gym?

Often raised in soccer, the problem of gym training can be an option to consider. Some right backs might not need to build extra muscles, especially on the upper body. This being said, the best players get involved in the attacking set pieces, which means they might need to perform throw-ins. This is where the upper body strength can make a huge difference.

Soccer cleats for right backs

As right backs might need to perform sprints, they will need lighter cleats but with a solid upper to tackle opponents when needed. There are many options to choose from and ideally right backs should focus on the playing style of their team before choosing the cleats. If the game will be offensive at moments, going for lighter cleats is the best ideas.

So who is your favorite right back: Dani Alves or Sergio Ramos, Zabaleta? Let us now in the comments.

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