New Adidas Soccer Cleats to Improve Your Skills This Year

New Adidas cleats come with impressive technologies which are built on decades of world class experience. The brand was born in 1949 in uncertain times in Europe. It has endured and developed to what is now known as a top sporting goods manufacturer. If Adidas were to be a municipality, it would be the size of a small town as it employs 55.000 people around the world that manufacture the millions of products sold each year.

New Adidas cleats are based on some old-school designs such as the very popular Copa series but also on new technologies with high-top models such as the Ace 17 range. We have grouped the most popular models and technologies used in the new Adidas soccer cleats to get a better perspective on what you can expect in terms of innovation from the German brand.

Stadium Cage Street
Ace (17.1, 17.2, 17,3, 17+, Purecontrol, Primeknit, Primemesh)

Tango (17.1, 172, 17+)

Adidas X (16.1, 16.2, 16.3, 16+)

Copa (17.1, 17.2, 17.3)

Copa 17 (17.1, 17.2, 17.3)

Messi (16.1, 16.2, 16.3)

Ace Tango (Ace Tango 17.1, Ace Tango 17.2, Ace Tango 17+, X Tango)

Copa Tango (17.1, 17.2, 17.1 Crowning Glory)

Copa (17.3)

X (16.1, 16.2, 16.3)

Ace (17.1, 17.2)

Copa Tango (17.1, 17.2)X (16.2)

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There are a few interesting technologies you should consider before choosing your new Adidas cleats, from laceless uppers to the SPRINTFRAME outsole.

Innovative technologies in new Adidas cleats

Some of the most interesting technologies can be visible in the upper but there are major improvements with the studs design and configuration in new Adidas cleats:

Primeknit upper for the ultimate comfort

Primeknit upper is seen with some Adidas cleats like the Ace series. The technology has the ability to wrap the foot with custom support. Although the material is thin, it provides a solid-enough platform to support even a laceless design. Adidas has also implemented a protective system which uses an ultra-thin film to protect the boots against water.

AGILITYKNIT upper for more aggressiveness

This type of upper is known for its ability to wrap the foot and can be a good solution for players looking for a comfortable, stable and natural-feeling upper. It comes with reduced ware in time which makes it perfect as either training or match-day cleats.

PURECUT design for an improved touch

The flexible upper needed a good fit and this is when the PURECUT technology made the upper complete. It works with a compression-style fit which enhances the natural feel of the movements.

Adidas also claims the chosen material offers improved touch in the forefoot. The knit material seems to be a new page in the history of soccer cleats and it can provide a good stepping-stone to those who want to experience newer cleats and look for an upgrade on classic designs.

NON STOP GRIP (NSG) for better ball control

We have seen many variations of a 3D grip. The upper can comes with various designs which have the role of improving the grip regardless of the weather conditions. Adidas` Non Stop Grip uses small raised dots to achieve this. The technology can be used in all-weather situations and can prove to improve the grip, even by a small percentage, on rainy days.

SPRINTFRAME and Pureagility for reduced weight

SPRINTFRAME outsoles have started to be recognized due to their lightweight construction. The reduced weight allows for better speed and traction for fast players.

The outsole`s reduced weight can be coupled with the excellent heel-locking Pureagility technology. This technology allows you to quickly change directions during the game and needs a similar, low-weight, outsole like SPRINTFRAME to achieve its full potential.

Total Control and FG stud configuration for traction

The outsole and stud configuration are at least as important as the upper construction. Adidas uses the Firm Ground outsole on some classic-inspired cleats but also comes with a other technologies for a more up to date approach. Total Control stud alignment allows players to freely and effectively change directions during the game and can be of great use on firm grounds such as on artificial grass.

Some other styles include the Messi FG studs which can benefit the fastest players. Messi FG studs can work on both natural and artificial grass. If you`re looking for another alternative on firm ground which can take your speed to the next level while using a compression upper, you can choose Adidas` FG Chaos stud alignment. Don`t let yourself misled by the name of the studs` design, as Chaos can be one of the best options for dry natural grass.

A word on Adidas street cleats

So you want to take you soccer games to the streets and need dedicated cleats? Adidas has 7 models which implement some of their technologies across the shoe range. Since you`ll be playing on hard surfaces you need good cushioning to keep your feet going for hours.

Adidas has implemented the boost technology which comes with the most cushioning to date in the range. The upper comes in a few options which include stretchy designs and open knit models.

All uppers come with laces. As expected from premium street soccer cleats, you get resistant rubber outsoles on all available models. If you need a hybrid experience you can choose a PURECUT upper for a compression-style fit.

New Adidas soccer cleats use a combination of upper options that range from the classic leather Copa to the modern compression designs.

Adidas has managed to create soccer boots for natural and artificial grass but has also borrowed some of the technologies to the street-style soccer shoes. As other major cleats manufacturers, the German company has collaborated with professional players such as Lionel Messi to research and develop good agility shoes which works great at higher speeds.

There are just a few select manufacturers which manage to provide high quality firm ground cleats with innovative studs and also deliver good products for street soccer. Regardless of your preferred playing surface, there are plenty of options to choose from the three groups of new Adidas soccer cleats.

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