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Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 Low-Cut – Do You Need Anything Else?

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 Low-Cut soccer cleats have been regarded as one of the best alternatives for natural grass. When we say natural grass, we really mean natural grass. The shoes are not meant for any artificial surface but they handle natural grass with ease while they balance a feel which is hard to match.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3: why go low-cut?

Many players immediately associate the Phantom 3 with the mid-cut design, but one of the best things about the model is that it comes with an entirely

different heel construction for the low-cut design.

Of course, the difference between these two models is always going to be subjective. On paper, the low-cut version comes with a lower weight of 6.6 ounces. But it is not all about the design, weight or even performance. As with any marketable product, the preferences will be up to the user. This is why you will have to decide for yourself if the low-cut design is the right approach for you.

Then there`s the discussion around the fit

There are no solid reasons to dismiss the design in terms of fit, especially to the mid-cut alternative. The stretchy material works perfectly to deliver a real-time feedback which is hard to attain with any other type of upper construction. This is why it is described as “sock-like” because it stretches and then compresses back to follow the contour of the foot.

The Flyknit 3D upper construction is on the thin side, especially when compared to other cleats such as the Obra. You will thus get less damping but this can act to improve the overall touch feel and might even advantage the highly-skilled player. But there is some padding, especially in the striking area. It will come with foam inserts which can absorb some of the shocks in the high impact area. In theory, this foam should harden on the powerful shots, but, in reality, many players just don`t see this happening and forget about the characteristics after a few training sessions. The upper also features the crisscross lacing which can be another plus of the upper fit.

Chevron and hexagonal traction

Apart from a great upper, the soccer cleats are paired with high performing studs. You can immediately notice the chevron-style design on the outside and the hexagonal studs on the interior of the foot. Most players seem satisfied with the design and where Nike took the sole from the original version.

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 Low-Cut offers medium style tightness. The soccer cleats are not as tight as the Mercurial or as wide as the Magista series. And this is why they can be the best option if you`re only looking for a single pair of cleats. They will work great for people looking to combine some of the classic elements such as the low-cut design with some modern elements such as the Flyknit design. This is why they can be the ultimate option for players who enjoy real-time responsiveness, a light stretchy design and the versatility of the chevron and hexagonal studs. On natural grass, it can be difficult to find anything to match the Phantom 3.

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