Nike Makes Impact With Tiempo Totti X

Nike has made waves with its announcement of the Tiempo Totti X soccer cleats. The boots are limited edition, with only 2.500 pairs. 100 pieces for every year Francesco Totti played for AS Roma.

nike tiempo totti x

Totti made history with the Italian club. Playing for one of the most popular soccer teams in the country, the playmaker was at the club for an impressive 25 years, staying loyal from childhood to what seems the close end to the career.

Where can you buy the Nike Tiempo Totti X?

tottiThe simple answer is you can`t as the limited stock was sold out online. However, if you have friends in Rome they can purchase the fantastic soccer cleats for you in the pop-up Totti X Roma store in Piazza San Lorenzo for around $250.

The design of the boots features the golden upper with Rom`s color insertions in the insole and on the laces. The upper comes with the traditional tongue design which comes with the “X” (Roman 10 numeral) as a tribute to Totti`s shirt number at AS Roma. The outsole comes with a blacked chrome look and is a nice addition to the special design.

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