Nike Soccer Cleats in 2017 – all you need to know

Nike soccer cleats are built on decades of tradition. In 1971 Nike release its first football boot and went on creating and perfecting models each year. The company has also started collaborating with top players, researched and developed some of the most popular cleats for men, women or kids.

In 2017 the technologies used with the cleats are more advanced and customized to different playing styles than ever before. Nike`s soccer cleats are grouped as follows:

Mercurial Hypervenom Magista Tiempo Football X
Superly V (CR 7 FG, CR 7 AG PRO, CR 7 SG PRO, FG, AG PRO, Dynamic Fit, Tech Craft iD, FG iD)

Vapor XI (CR 7 FG, FG, FG iD, Tech Craft iD, SG PRO, AG PRO)

Veloce III (Dynamic Fit CR 7 FG, Dynamic Fit FG, FG)

Victory VI (Dynamic Fit CR 7 FG, Dynamic Fit FG, IC, FG)

Finale II

Phantom 3 (DF FG, DF AG PRO, FG, SE FG, SG PRO anti-clog, Tech Craft DF iD, DF iD)

Phelon 3 (FG, IC)

Proximo II (Dynamic Fit IC, Dynamic Fit TF)

Phatal III (Dynamic Fit FG)


Obra II (FG, FG iD, Tech Craft iD, AG PRO)

Onda II (FG, IC, TF)

Opus II (FG, IC, SG Pro anti clog traction)

Legend VI (FG, SG PRO, IC, SE FG, SG PRO anti clog tractions, FG iD)

Mystic V (FG, TF, IC)

Genio II Leather (FG, IC )

Proximo (IC, TF)

Premier FG

Legacy II (FG, AG PRO)

Small sided


Terms glossary – AG PRO (artificial grass)

FG (firm ground)

SG PRO (soft ground)

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Nike Mercurial

The Nike Mercurial series comes with a minimalistic design. The lightweight construction is beneficial for speed. The models come with the Dynamic Fit Collar, low top or small sided.

Nike Hypervenom

The Nike Hypervenom series are designed for heightened control for strikers. The cleats are used by many great soccer players, including Robert Lewandowski.

Nike Magista

The Nike Magista series is designed with micro-textured synthetic materials which have been chosen for improved fit and feel. The various options are available in Dynamic Fit Collar, low top or small sided game.

Nike Tiempo

The Nike Tiempo series is made from leather and foam. The materials can range from kangaroo, calf or full grain leather and can improve touch for highly skilled players.

Technologies to expect from Nike soccer cleats

Nike uses some new technologies together with some proven technologies to deliver the most modern soccer cleats in 2017.

Flyknit design

The Fflyknit upper is used in cleats but in other types of Nike shoes also. It provides an adaptive upper which keep the foot safe but is also comfortable and can work for multiple types of feet.

The technology has some of its own features which make it as versatile as it is known for. First of all, it is very strong, with fibers providing support when you need it. The technology also uses TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) yarns to protect the boots against water. The technology is also lighter than previous systems which included stitching or gluing.

The ultra-light yarn allows for reduced overall weight of the boots. This simpler technology allows for a better ball touch and makes Nike cleats one of the best options for improved control during the game.

Dynamic Fit “fingers”

One of the most popular technologies used by Nike, Dynamic Fit uses finger-like straps to secure the midfoot. The design wrap the midfoot from underneath the foot all the way to the arch for a more secure and fit experience.

The finger-like straps connect to the laces and when tight around the foot can adapt to the custom shape making it one of the simplest yet effective customizable technologies.

The Dynamic Fit Collar for improved fit

The Dynamic Fit collar has seen some major criticism and skepticism when it was first launched a few years ago. Many old-school soccer players felt Nike was forcing the future when most players just preferred the low cut boots. In 2014 Nike Magista Obra and Mercurial Superfly were received with some distrust from major players. Some players even went on to cut the top of the boots to get a more traditional experience.

One problem with the system, without getting into the fit is the playability in high temperatures. While the collar system might be a good option for lower temperatures it might be quite uncomfortable during the hot summer months.

3D plate with precision studs

The new 3D plate used by Nike in some soccer cleats allows for improved traction and can work with a redesigned upper (such as with the Mercurial Superfly V) to provide one of the best experiences in terms of speed.

The 3D contoured plate works with re-engineered anatomical midsole and precision studs which are great for fast and skilled soccer players. The studs have been researched for starting and stopping performance.

NikeSkin touch for the ultimate cleats

One of the most innovative technologies used by Nike comes with the NikeSkin upper. The new construction is based on a lightweight rib-style design which improves touch, bringing friction to a new level, even in difficult weather conditions with All Conditions Control technology.

Anti-clog traction to keep studs clean

One of the biggest issues players can have during a soccer game is mud clogging which can make your boots heavy and negatively impact your performance. Simply put, Nike has chosen new materials which prevent mud clogging. The plate and studs can now be cleaner which will improve your speed, especially in unfriendly weather conditions.

Nike has been making improvements on the design and performance of their soccer cleats. The upper comes with a better touch and an improved fit due to technologies like the Dynamic Fit and the Fit Collar. The midsole has also seen some improvements as it merges with the plate.

3D plates and stud configuration now allow for improved traction, starting and stopping and it seems the technologies mostly benefit highly skilled players which also perform above average on speed. But with Mercurial, Hypervenom, Magista and Tiempo there are plenty of choices even for old-school players.

For a selection of the best Nike and alternative soccer cleats in 2017 you can read our guide here.

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