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Nike Tiempo Legend VII Academy TF Review

Looking for new soccer cleats can be confusing in a world where there are so many options. The Nike Tiempo Legen VII FG cleats represent a series which has reached its maturity and which has its own legion of fans. The series is still going strong and this can be the results of the overall appeal of the cleats which remind of the great classics.

Made for ideal traction of turf, the cleats come with the impressive leather upper which is similar to the VI series. There is an ongoing debate on the quality of the upper and while it can work for most players, it seems that many people simply don’t like the new look. But the leather comes fused with foam and this gives it a special feeling. When you add the all-black design of the upper, you get a tempting result which can work in some cases, especially if you are inclined towards the classic cleats.

Tiempo Legend – always moving forward

With the Fit-Mesh technology, you also get a new approach when it comes to fit. This is where many players have already raised different questions. For some, the fit is loose while for others it is too tight. In terms of feel, the cleats will thus not come with the soft experience you would normally expect from the leather design but it can be a technology to build on, especially with the designs for turf and firm grounds.

In terms of ball control, you also get minimal dampening which can be recommended when it comes to better overall results with powerful strikes. But at the same time, it might not be as comfortable for those who already experienced a leather upper.

The cleats represent an improvement over your typical entry-level turf options. But at the same time, they can be improved in many areas, which include the heel. Even with the foam midsole, there can still be improvements on how the Fit-Mesh works with the leather materials and this is why they don’t get a perfect score for fit.

In terms of innovation in the series, Nike gets the credit for improving the specifications, even if some areas can be improved. They are showing great results when it comes to natural surfaces and they can still be a great design for turf as well. In all cases, the cleats have their own identity which is very important in a crowded market. This also means that the Legend VII TF cleats represent a solution which will certainly turn heads during the game and this can be enough for the dedicated fans of the series to upgrade from the previous version.

Nike Tiempo Legend VII Academy TF

Nike Tiempo Legend VII Academy TF


7.0 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10

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