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Soccer Cleats hacks – Choose the Right Hack to Apply on Your Boots

Looking for soccer cleats hacks for the perfect fit and care? We have a selection of tips to get you started. While there are other tips to consider, there are a few tips you can apply for the perfect fit.  They go beyond the obvious steps. 

Soccer cleats hacks – popular tips

When it comes to the best tips to consider, soccer cleats hacks are often the sole solution. Those who need a more refined fit and even better overall maintenance routines can consider:

Waterproof coating spray – force field

There are some sprays which can be used to waterproof your soccer cleats. A simple hack comes with a solution such as Force Field spray. The spray is applied evenly across the surface of the upper. It then needs to dry for up to half an hour. Depending on the amount of protective spray which is applied, you can even use the soccer cleats after 20 minutes. With good waterproofing. It is not a permanent solution, but at least it is cost-effective. It is also one of the most popular soccer cleats hacks. 

Hairspray on the sock liner

Hairspray is often applied similarly and it can even be used on the high-top soccer cleats. In many cases, it can even come with a better fit. So you can experiment yourself until the next time you wash your soccer cleats.

FG to SG and into a combination – replacements studs Adidas only

One cool soccer cleats hacks comes with Adidas boots. They allow you to transition from firm ground to soft grounds simply by replacing the studs. From plastic to metal studs, you can choose the solution which works for you. Simply replace the studs by screwing them into position according to the type of surface you want to play on.

Use the top lacing hoop to hold the tongue in place (runner’s loop)

Using the last holes of the upper, you can create the perfect fit for your foot and even keep the tongue of the cleats in place. Soccer cleats hacks are thus borrowing tips from runners and this can even bring the heel closer to the tongue while keeping the tongue in place to offer better comfort through the game.

Water hacks on the cleats

Apply cold or warm water and choose the hack of many professionals for the best overall fit. Make sure you know how to do this yourself:

Use water to expand the cleats half a size overnight in the fridge

Freeze water in order to improve the fit of the cleats. This hack comes as one of the simplest and most effective solutions to loosen the upper of the cleats.

You will need a plastic bag to place into the cleats and then add water to it to fill the boots. You can then place the cleats in the freezer overnight to freeze the water and to force the cleats to follow the shape of the ice inside.

Wash the boots (not leather) in a textile bag in the washing machine

soccer cleats hacks - washing machine

If you need to wash your soccer cleats together with other clothes, you can do this by placing them in a textile bag into the washing machine. This will allow them to be perfectly clean and also to preserve their looks better as well as to solve any problems you might be having with dirt or peelings from the upper.

Use warm water for molded boots

Apply warm water to the upper just as professionals. This can improve fit. Thus, with the boots on, you will pour warm water on them. Repeating the action by up to 30 minutes can come with an upper expansion which could potentially improve fit or break in. Among the soccer cleats hacks, use this tip mostly when you cannot replace the boots with a size which is more comfortable for you.

Tackle smells and fit with no water

When it comes to alternative hacks, you can use teabags or even a hairdryer to keep your cleats in top shape and make them fit better. 

Use teabags to remove bad smells

soccer cleats hacks - teabags

If you used a pair of soccer cleats for a long period of time you know that bad smells are your worst enemy. This is why it is important to know that you can also improve the way you see cleats’ use for a long period of time by keeping them in well-ventilated areas. Even more, you can also add teabags in them as they can considerably reduce bad smells.

Stretch the upper with thick socks and a hairdryer (for 5 minutes)

The fit is a major issue with modern soccer cleats and this is why it is important to find the product which is right for you. In most cases, it can also mean that you need to make some small adjustments for that perfect fit. In many cases, stretching the upper slightly is possible. With a thick pair of socks on, you need to wear the cleats and use a hairdryer on the upper for up to 5 minutes every time. This will allow the materials to loosen and thus create a better fit around the midfoot and the forefoot areas. Which are your favorite soccer cleats hacks? Let us know in the comments.


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