The Best Men`s Indoor Soccer Shoes For Skilled Players

Indoor soccer shoes are manufactured for speed and agility. The technologies most manufacturers use are a combination of borrowed upper construction from regular cleats with a rubber outsole. There are plenty of options to choose from and we`ll have a look at some of the most popular shoes together with some other less known alternatives.

Adidas indoor soccer shoes Nike indoor soccer shoes Puma indoor soccer shoes Other indoor soccer shoes
Adidas Copa Series

Adidas Messi Series

Adidas X Series

Adidas Ace Series

Adidas Samba Series

Nike Mercurial Proximo II CR7

Nike Mercurial Proximo II

Nike Tiempo X Proximo

Nike Mercurial Victory VI

Nike Magista X Finale II

Nike HypervenomX Phelon 3

Nike Tiempo Genio II

evoSpeed 17.4

evoPower Vigor 4

evoSpeed Star Ignite

evoSpeed Sala 3.4

evoPower 3.3

evoPower 4.3

Astro Sala

Invicto Fresh

Diadora 7Fifty

Diadora DD-NA 3 R

ASICS Men’s Copero S 2

Under Armour UA CF Force 3.0

Adidas indoor soccer shoes

  • Adidas manufactures some of the most intriguing indoor soccer shoes at the moment. They use a combination of traditionally inspired shoes, like the Copa series, with modern and agile shoes like the Ace series. We will choose one boot from each series and you`ll be able to compare and find a performer which suits your needs and style.

Adidas Ace 17.3 Primemesh Men`s Indoor Soccer Shoes

Adidas` Ace 17.3 Primemesh indoor soccer shoes offer what modern players want in terms of speed and agility. The shoes offer a comfortable feel which has been connected to a sock-like fit. Coming with a higher top, the shoes will suit a player looking for an improved fit which feels like and natural.

The upper will work great with the solid outsole which provides good grip due to the rubber construction. The outsole doesn`t leave any marks and will be great for light-colored indoor surfaces.

Adidas Copa Tango 17.1 Indoor Soccer Shoes

If you want a shoe which is solidly built on tradition with a classic design, the Copa Tango 17.1 comes among the top choices. As a traditionalist choice, it comes with a full-leather upper. This will make the shoe comfortable and natural against the foot with a good touch.

The shoes don`t come with a traditional tongue but with a compression alternative which make them a good option for people with wider feet. The compression tongue is one of the features of the shoes which combine modern technologies with old-school approach. This makes the model highly appreciable especially among older players.

Adidas Messi 16.3 Indoor Soccer Shoes

Among the popular options, the Messi 16.3 indoor soccer shoes feature the unmistakable upper with a low-top construction. The grip is ensured by the rubber outsole which comes with the Messi design. The Agility Touch Skin upper means you`ll have a moldable experience and although not as snug as the Ace 17.3 it provides one of the simplest and pleasant experiences for indoor soccer.

Adidas X Tango 16.1 Indoor Soccer Shoes

The X Tango 1.6 are a good option if you want a shoe which is geared more towards speed and ultimate control. Not everybody needs this type of shoes. But they will work for skilled players which base they`re performance on 1-to-1 situations.

These types of players can include attacking players or playmakers which always need to offer the final precise pass. The compression upper works great with the highly reliable outsole which will not leave any marks on the playing surface.

Adidas Samba Millennium Soccer Shoes

If you want a safer approach which will improve your force over the agility of the touch, the Samba Millennium is among the top choices.

The shoes offer a solid feel based on the outsole perfect for polished surfaces. The upper is also made from leather like with the Copa series but is less aerodynamic so if speed is your main concern you may not be fully satisfied with these shoes.

Nike indoor soccer shoes

  • Nike still has an impressive range of indoor soccer shoes. They range from popular models like the CR7 to the less popular Mystic V series. Let`s have a look at some of the handiest options:

Nike MercurialX Proximo II CR7 Indoor Soccer Shoes

The Mercurial Proximo II CR7 are among the holy grail options for many soccer players. The boots come with the Dynamic Fit collar which makes them a yay or nay option for many users. You either like the collar or you don`t. Most users have reported there is no learning curve or adaptation period.

 If you like them from the beginning you`ll find them useful on the long term. With Nike top technologies (Flyknit, Dynamic Fit, Flywire and All Conditions Control) the shoes are well equipped to bring you the ultimate playing experience.

Nike MercurialX Proximo II Indoor Soccer Shoes

Another option for other players which are not into the CR7 series comes with the MercurialX Proximo II shoes. The traction of the outsole is great and it can work on both indoor courts and on the street.

You may also enjoy the Grip technology which ensures a better touch and fit as it can prevent your foot from slipping inside the shoe. The starry outsole come with flex groves and provides a solid platform for all types of players.

Nike TiempoX Proximo Indoor Soccer Shoes

Some indoor soccer shoes can be used like casual shoes. This is certainly the case of the TiempoX Proximo but it`s not all about great looks.  The shoes come with kangaroo leather upper which is used for an improved touch.

The upper doesn`t come with the traditional tongue and this increases the sock-like fit of the shoe. Fort the outsole Nike used a rubber material with hexagonal shapes which work best for indoor surfaces. Although you might feel the shoes are not the best in terms of fit and playability we must note that they come with interior silicone inserts which stop your feet from slipping.

Nike Mercurial Victory VI

If you`re looking for speed, the Mercurial Victory VI come among the top choices for most players. The upper comes with the highly visible speed ribs which improve ball touch, at least to some degree. The shoes continue Nike`s impressive selection of leather uppers but come with a synthetic material for better durability. The impressive outsole works great on flat indoor surfaces and on outside courts.

Nike Magista X Finale

Sometimes the simplest designs offer the best results. One of these cases comes with Nike`s Magist X Finale. The shoes are will be welcomed by purists. The upper is textured so it should enhance your ball control capabilities but they are not magic shoes and won`t make you a star overnight. The shoes come with a perforated sockliner for added breathability.

With a neoprene collar and asymmetrical lacing, the shoes will work great for indoor surfaces but you`ll be able to take them on flat outdoor courts also.

Nike HypervenomX Phelon 3

If you`re looking for your first indoor soccer shoes with asymmetrical lacing, the HypervenomX Phelon 3 is a good option. The shoes work both in terms of comfort and performance. The textured upper is a good addition for better ball control. The upper is also enhanced by thin film which offers some much needed lateral support which will enable better stops and passes.

The technology is called NikeSkin and we`ve seen it with some of the best models of the international brand. The shoes also feature a split tongue and most importantly, NikeZoomAir cushioning in the heel for the ultimate comfort. Ideally you want to keep the shoes indoors as the outsole doesn`t leave any marks but you can even take them to outside courts.

Nike Tiempo Genio II

Like other Tiempo models, the Genio II can also pass as a casual shoe. It has to be said that the shoe looks great and together with Adidas` Samba series is among the very few options which still carry that 90`s designs which still has its fans as the shoes are presently manufactured.

The upper is made from full grain leather and is very reminiscent of the golden era of soccer. As you would expect from this design, you get good cushioning and with a heel counter your be safe to change rhythm quickly. The outsole will work on any flat surface indoors and on courts outdoors.

Puma indoor soccer shoes

  • Puma`s lightweight indoor soccer shoes are focused on speed and they use different materials to cater to most players. Puma has a wide range of options from the mesh upper to the synthetic leather upper, here are the top choices:

Puma evoSpeed 17.4

With a focus on speed and reduced speed, the evoSpeed 17.4 are among the top choices a player can have, regardless of the brand. The shoes come with synthetic leather upper which should resist well in time. The comfort is ensured by a special EVA midsole. In terms of playability you can safely use the shoes on any indoor surface as the outsole doesn`t leave any marks.

Puma evoPower Vigor 4

The Vigor 4 soccer shoes are one of those indoor shoes which closely resemble the soccer cleats. There are not the most agile shoes you can find and neither the most powerful. This seems to be the balance Puma went after with the shoes, trying to create something to please everybody. With EVA midsole cushioning the shoes are comfortable enough to be used by intermediate or new players.

Puma evoSpeed Star Ignite

The evoSpeed Start Ignite soccer shoes differentiate themselves through the Ignite cushioning of the midsole. The shoes also offer a synthetic upper and with a versatile outsole you can use them both indoors and on outdoor courts. As all Puma indoor soccer shoes, the model comes with lacing for a custom fit. The shoes also come with a traditional tongue which makes them a good option as your first choice soccer shoes.

Puma evoSpeed Sala 3.4

evoSpeed Sala 3.4 have their name inspiration from Latin but they are much more than a simple marketing gimmick. The shoes use a combination of mesh and synthetic leather for the upper and come as one of the few models in the market which offer such an approach which might be a plus in terms of breathability.

The upper is finished with the GripTex technology for improved ball control. There is plenty of cushioning with the EVA midsole which makes the shoes pretty comfortable. The evoSpeed sala 3.4 is recommended for active players which can benefit from the extra breathability and increased comfort which are also after a lightweight design.

Puma evoPower 4.3

Puma evoPower 4.3 indoor soccer shoes are probably the best choice for new players in terms of accuracy. The shoes offer unbeatable quality for the price in Puma`s range and you can expect some of the most popular features with the model.

It comes with asymmetrical lacing and a soft upper which will improve the overall experience of going from casual shoes to dedicated soccer shoes. With an EVA midsole you`ll also experience your first contact with a comfortable soccer shoe. Again, for the price, you would struggle to find better shoes.

Puma Astro Sala sneaker

If you`re looking for soccer shoes which can also pass as casual shoes without notice, Astro Sala can be a good option, especially for the low price. The upper is made from Suede and mesh which brings the shoes a touch of style.

The shoes would be recommended for the casual player or the entry-level player. As they are not the best in Puma`s range for accuracy, you may need to be into good style if you want to purchase these soccer shoes.

Diadora, Under Armour and Asics men`s indoor soccer shoes

  • For those looking or an alternative to the brands mentioned above, there are some options to choose from. With two Diadora models, 2 Under Armour and one Asics soccer shoes to choose from there is enough room for alternative choices even without the bigger brands.

Diadora 7Fifty

From the beginning you can see that the Diadora 7Fifty comes with some serious EVA cushioning which would benefit players during longer games or intense training sessions. You can tell the upper is up to date with the latest demands as the sockliner now comes with bending points in the forefoot area. You also get anti-stretch lining on the upper which makes the shoes great for long-term use.

The upper is also water resistant which can be a great addition should you choose to play them on an outdoor court. If you like bright shoes which are comfortable to use and will last a long time, the 7Fifty might be worth for consideration.

Diadora DD-NA 3 R

These shoes have their inspiration in the soccer cleats but they are fully capable of delivering a decent performance on flat indoor surfaces. The strong outsole recommends them for not so technical players which rely on power to make their impact on the game. The upper comes with the traditional synthetic materials but, unfortunately, there are only two colors to choose from.

Under Armour UA CF Force 3.0

Under Armours CF Force 3.0 is serious contender for the top lineups this year. It has everything it needs with interesting technologies, design and proper distinctive feel. It comes with a synthetic upper which is lightweight and paired with the die-cut sockliner. You thus have a comfortable shoe and a distinctive rubber outsole to give your best performance with indoor soccer. The shoes would benefit intermediate and advanced players the most.

ASICS Copero S 2

Asics Copero S2 might seem chunky but they serve a purpose. The shoes come with good versatility which allows them to be played both for indoor and turf soccer. With microfiber construction the soccer shoes are as light as they can be.

The shoes are recommended as a good all-round option. If you only play indoor soccer we don`t recommend this Asics model, but if you prefer varied surfaces and play occasionally with friends the shoes become one of the most affordable options.

With so many options to choose from it might be confusing and you may struggle to fund the right fit for you. In case you`re not sure you might go for a popular option and you`ll know exactly what you`ll receive. If you want to challenge your indoor soccer skills you may also want to try some other, less known, shoes. In the end you need to do what you can with what you have so make sure your shoes are good for your playing style, schedule and skill level.

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