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Top 5 Reasons to Choose the Mizuno Morelia 2

The Mizuno Morelia Neo 2 is an amazing soccer cleat. As you can expect from Mizuno, you get a classic design with some modern features which deliver a good overall experience, at least for most players. Straight from the start, you`ll notice the K-leather upper which is great for natural movements. It works well with the EVA sockliner to minimize shocks with improved absorption capacity.

The molded polyurethane studs plate comes with an interesting design which has the capacity of distributing weight across the footbed. But here are the top 5 reasons to choose the Mizuno Morelia 2:

  1. Made in Japan

Although you might pay more for the cleats, you get Japanese quality construction and the true feeling you receive special soccer cleats. Apart from the cleats, you`ll also find a string bag and even a leather care kit. With the K-leather upper, you`ll be happy to find a quality cloth and a leather care cream, a true testament to the quality you can expect from the boots.

  1. K-leather upper

There is increasing pressure on cleat manufacturers with K-leather. But Mizuno still offers a lightweight design with a K-leather in the forefoot. The rest of the boot is made from synthetic materials. Although the boot is not for every type of player, it still manages to shift focus towards the technical user who needs the lightweight and improved touch, especially in dribbling situations.

  1. Unique lace-up

There are so many lace-ups system that it can be difficult to keep up with the latest designs. The Morelia 2 offers an improved fit with its unique lace-up design, which is the first time Mizuno used it in its range. So what can you expect from the lace-up system? An improved fit which can provide the lockdown for high speed situations.

  1. Top insole design

The insole of the Mizuno Morelia 2 is truly unique. One of the best linings on the market, it comes with a good anti-slippage performance. The foam material of the insole is simply the chosen option by many manufacturers for increasing responsiveness, but the liner of the insole is what makes it stand apart.

  1. Studs

The molded PU stud plate has been improved. It works great with the heel-counter, but most importantly, the studs can improve traction on hard surfaces. They do a great job of improving weight distribution, stability and even the comfort level.

The Mizuno Morelia 2 soccer cleats represent a testament on what quality boots look and perform. With Japanese quality, you will have to pay more for a pair of the blue, black or white boots, but you will also get a longer lifetime with the boots. With excellent ball-controlling abilities in the forefoot, good traction and one of the world class insole designs, the cleats can represent a solid option for dedicated players.

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